European Projects

This work was supported by the European Commission with:

  • Hands.dvi – Experiment in the context of ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development) Project.
  • THE – The Hand Embodied – Collaborative Project, within the FP7-ICT- 2009-4-2-1 program “Cognitive Systems and Robotics”.
  • WEARHAP – Wearable haptics for humans and robots - Project WEARHAP, aims at laying the scientific and technological foundations for wearable haptics, a novel concept for the systematic exploration of haptics in advanced cognitive systems and robotics that will redefine the way humans will cooperate with robots. The project has received funding from the FP7-ICT-2011-9-2.1.
  • SOMA – Soft Manipulation - Soft Manipulation (SOMA) is the key for the development of simple, compliant, yet strong, robust, and easy-to-program manipulation systems. SOMA explores a new avenue of robotic manipulation, exploiting the physical constraints imposed by the environment to enable robust grasping and manipulation in dynamic, open, and highly variable contexts. SOMA Project is supported by the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (H2020-ICT-645599).

This work was supported also by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research within the program Futuro in Ricerca 2012 Programme under grant agreement RBFR12C608 of the project “MODELACT”.