About SynGrasp

SynGrasp is a new Matlab Toolbox on “Underactuated Robotic Grasping” developed at the University of Siena.

The main features of the SynGrasp toolbox are:

  • Hand modeling: robotic hand models can be easily defined. Four hand models are already available: an anthropomorphic hand, a 3-fingered hand, a modular hand and the DLR/HIT II Hand.
  • Grasp modelling and planning: the grasping hand configuration, contact points, Grasp and Jacobian matrices can be computed. Controllable internal force subspace, rigid-body motion, manipulability ellipsoids can be evaluated.
  • Grasp analysis: different grasp quality measures are available in the toolbox. Tools for the evaluation of the optimal force distribution are provided. Furthermore, the toolbox allows to perform kinematic and force manipulability analysis, taking into account the joint coupling induced by the underactuation and hand compliance.
  • Graphics: a set of functions have been designed to simplify the graphical representation of the manipulator. These functions can be used together with built-in Matlab functions to render the hands in contact with objects of arbitrary shapes. Moreover motions due to synergy activation can be visualized.

Visit the “How to Contribute” page to contribute to SynGrasp developement.

Monica MalvezziGuido Gioioso, Gionata Salvietti, Maria Pozzi, Domenico Prattichizzo