New version available! Syngrasp 2.2

A new version of Syngrasp is now available!

Click here to download it Syngrasp2.2

Click here to download the User’s Guide Syngrasp Guide 2
What’s new

- We added an example on the simulation of the interaction between robotic hands, grasped objects and the environment.

More details on the model implemented for the simulations can be found here: G. Salvietti, M. Malvezzi, G. Gioioso, D. Prattichizzo. Modeling Compliant Grasps Exploiting Environmental Constraints. In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Seattle, USA, 2015.

- We fixed several errors concerning the grasp planner and the grasp quality computation.

- We fixed an error on the “Writing” examples


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