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The SIRSLab Group developed several software packages, toolboxes, libraries for scientific research that can be downloaded for free. In the following, the available software releases are reported.



SynGrasp, is a new Matlab Toolbox on “Uderactuated Robotic Grasping” 
The main features of the SynGrasp toolbox are Hand modeling, Grasping modeling,Grasp analysis and Graphics.

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Libralis – Gravity compensation for haptic devices
Libralis is an open-source software package which provides C++ developers with a easy-to-use tools to actively compensate the apparent gravity acting on the end-effector of an impedance haptic device.


Please visit the Libralis Web page

The Haptik Library
Haptik is a small opensource library providing a simple yet powerful API for low level access to haptic devices from multiple vendors. It also allows to use haptic devices within Matlab, Simulink and Java, as well as other scripting languages (like Python, for instance).


Please visit the Haptik Web page

KCT – Kuka Control Toolbox for MATLAB
The Kuka Control Toolbox (KCT) is a collection of MATLAB functions for motion control of KUKA manipulators.


Please visit the KCT Web page on Sourceforge

EGT – Epipolar Geometry Toolbox for MATLAB
EGT provides a wide set of customizable functions in order to create general multi-camera scenarios, to manipulate the visual information between them, to create and manipulate visual data provided both by pin-hole and panoramic cameras.


Please visit the EGT Web page

FeTouch is an open-source project to extract visuo-haptic model of the fetus from 3D echographic images, able to provide a fair level of realism while requiring a low computational cost.


Please visit the FeTouch Web page