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Publications 2021

Books, Special Issue and Handbook's Chapter

  1. Maria Pozzi, Virginia Ruiz Garate, Arash Ajoudani, Kensuke Harada, Monica Malvezzi, Leonel Rozo, Maximo A Roa. Emerging Paradigms for Robotic Manipulation: From the Lab to the Productive World [From the Guest Editors]. No 2, IEEE, 2021. details doi


  1. Zubair Iqbal, Maria Pozzi, Domenico Prattichizzo, Gionata Salvietti. Detachable Robotic Grippers for Human-Robot Collaboration. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 8, 2021. details doi
  2. Maria Pozzi, Domenico Prattichizzo, Monica Malvezzi. Accessible Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning Robotics. Robotics, 10(1), 2021. details doi pdf
  3. Simone Rossi, Gionata Salvietti, Francesco Neri, Sara M. Romanella, Alessandra Cinti, Corrado Sinigaglia, Monica Ulivelli, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Emiliano Santarnecchi, Domenico Prattichizzo. Emerging of new bioartificial corticospinal motor synergies using a robotic additional thumb. Scientific Reports, 11, 2021. details doi pdf
  4. Gionata Salvietti, Leonardo Franco, Martin Tschiersky, Gerjan Wolterink, Matteo Bianchi, Antonio Bicchi, Federica Barontini, Manuel Catalano, Giorgio Grioli, Mattia Poggiani, Simone Rossi, Domenico Prattichizzo. Integration of a Passive Exoskeleton and a Robotic Supernumerary Finger for Grasping Compensation in Chronic Stroke Patients: The SoftPro Wearable System. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 8, 2021. details download download
  5. E. Turco, V. Bo, M. Pozzi, A. Rizzo, D. Prattichizzo. Grasp planning with a soft reconfigurable gripper exploiting embedded and environmental constraints. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, [This paper was also accepted for presentation at RoboSoft 2021], 6(3):5215-5222, 2021. details doi pdf
  6. Domenico Prattichizzo, Maria Pozzi, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Monica Malvezzi, Irfan Hussain, Simone Rossi, Gionata Salvietti. Human augmentation by wearable supernumerary robotic limbs: review and perspectives. Progress in Biomedical Engineering, 3(4), September 2021. details doi

International Conferences

  1. N. D'Aurizio, T. Lisini Baldi, A. Villani, K. Minamizawa, Y Tanaka, Prattichizzo D.. Wearable Haptics for Object Compliance Discrimination Through Passive Touch. In Proc. IEEE World Haptic Conf., To appear, Virtual, 2021. details pdf
  2. N. D'Aurizio, T. Lisini Baldi, S. Marullo, G. Paolocci, Prattichizzo D.. Reducing Face-Touches to Limit COVID-19 Outbreak: an Overview of Solutions. In Proc. Mediterranean Conf. on Control & Automation, To appear, Virtual, 2021. details pdf
  3. Gijs Huisman, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Nicole D'Aurizio, Domenico Prattichizzo. Feedback of head gestures in audio-haptic remotecommunication. In International Symposium on Wearable Computing, 2021. details pdf
  4. T. Lisini Baldi, N. D'Aurizio, A. Villani, Prattichizzo D.. Generating Kinesthetic Feedback Using Self Contact and Velocity Scaling. In Proc. IEEE World Haptic Conf., To appear, Virtual, 2021. details pdf
  5. T. Lisini Baldi, G. Paolocci, D. Barcelli, Prattichizzo D.. Mobile Augmented Reality Integrating Fingertip Haptic Devices and Wrist-Worn Visual Displays. In Proc. Mediterranean Conf. on Control & Automation, To appear, Virtual, 2021. details pdf
  6. S. Marullo, T. Lisini Baldi, G. Paolocci, N. D'Aurizio, D. Prattichizzo. No Face-Touch: Exploiting Wearable Devices and Machine Learning for Gesture Detection. In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, To appear, Virtual, 2021. details pdf
  7. Maria Pozzi, Unnikrishnan Radhakrishnan, Ana Rojo Agust\'i, Konstantinos Koumaditis, Francesco Chinello, Juan C. Moreno, Monica Malvezzi. Exploiting VR and AR Technologies in Education and Training to Inclusive Robotics. In Education in & with Robotics to Foster 21st-Century Skills, Monica Malvezzi, Dimitris Alimisis, Michele Moro (eds.), Pages 115-126, Cham, 2021. details doi
  8. M. Pozzi, C. Gaudeni, Z. Iqbal, D. Prattichizzo, M. Malvezzi. Modeling a sensorized soft layer for adding compliance to the environment in robotic manipulation. In Advances in Italian Mechanism Science, Pages 370-377, Cham, 2021. details doi pdf

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