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Publications 2020


  1. F. Chinello, M. Malvezzi, D. Prattichizzo, C. Pacchierotti. A modular wearable finger interface for cutaneous and kinesthetic interaction: control and evaluation. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 67(1):706-716, 2020. details doi pdf
  2. I. Hussain, O. Al-Ketan, F. Renda, M. Malvezzi, D. Prattichizzo, L. Seneviratne, R. K Abu Al-Rub, D. Gan. Design and prototyping soft-rigid tendon-driven modular grippers using interpenetrating phase composites materials. The International Journal of Robotics Research, pages 1-12, 2020. details doi
  3. T. Lisini Baldi, G. Paolocci, D. Barcelli, D. Prattichizzo. Wearable Haptics for Remote Social Walking. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, (0):1-1, 2020. details doi pdf
  4. R. Rahal, G. Matarese, M. Gabiccini, A. Artoni, D. Prattichizzo, P. Giordano, C. Pacchierotti. Caring about the human operator: haptic shared control for enhanced user comfort in robotic telemanipulation. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, (0):1-1, 2020. details doi
  5. G. Salvietti, Z. Iqbal, D. Prattichizzo. Bilateral Haptic Collaboration for Human-Robot Cooperative Tasks. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, (0):1-8, 2020. details doi pdf

Book Chapters

  1. I. Hussain, Z. Iqbal, M. Malvezzi, D. Prattichizzo, G. Salvietti. How to 3D-Print Compliant Joints with a Selected Stiffness for Cooperative Underactuated Soft Grippers. In Human-Friendly Robotics 2019. HFR 2019, F. Ferraguti, V. Villani, L. Sabattini, M. Bonfé (eds.), Vol. 12, pp. 139-153, Springer, Cham, 2020. details doi
  2. M. Pozzi, D. Prattichizzo, M. Malvezzi. On-Line Educational Resources on Robotics: A Review. In Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society. INBOTS 2018. Biosystems &\ Biorobotics, José L. Pons (ed.), Vol. 25, pp. 141-147, Springer, Cham, 2020. details doi
  3. D. Prattichizzo, M. Malvezzi, G. Salvietti. Supernumerary Robotic Fingers to Compensate and Augment Human Manipulation Abilities. In Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society. INBOTS 2018. Biosystems &\ Biorobotics, J. Pons (ed.), Vol. 25, pp. 188-194, Springer, Cham, 2020. details doi

International Conferences

  1. M. Dragusanu, T. Lisini Baldi, Z. Iqbal, D. Prattichizzo, M. Malvezzi. Design, Development and Control of a Tendon-actuated Exoskeleton for Wrist Rehabilitation and Training. In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Paris, FR, June 2020. details pdf
  2. A. Gafer, D. Heymans, D. Prattichizzo, G. Salvietti. The Quad-Spatula Gripper: A Novel Soft-Rigid Gripper for Food Handling. In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft), New Haeven, USA, April 2020. details pdf
  3. G. Pompili, T. Lisini Baldi, D. Barcelli, D. Prattichizzo. Development of an innovative low-cost glove for thumb rehabilitation: design and evaluation. In 1st IEEE International Conference on Human-Machine Systems (ICHMS 2020), To Appear, Rome, Italy, April 2020. details
  4. T. Lisini Baldi, N. D'Aurizio, D. Prattichizzo. Hand Guidance Using Grasping Metaphor and Wearable Haptics. In IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS), To Appear, Washington D.C, US, March 2020. details
  5. G. Paolocci, T. Lisini Baldi, D. Barcelli, D. Prattichizzo. Combining Wristband Display and Wearable Haptics for Augmented Reality. In IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, To Appear, Atlanta, US, March 2020. details pdf

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