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  • March 27th 2014
    Haptik has been ported (i.e. recompiled) to x64, with the core library now being available on both platforms.
    A new version of the Phantom plugin is available for x64, targeting drivers 5.1.
    Other plugins will be ported if/when needed - just get in touch if you need it.
    Make sure you use the METHOD_ADDRESS and FUNCTION_ADDRESS macros when initializing the callback to keep your code portable between 32 and 64 bits.
    Thanks to Salvatore Fara for debugging support!
  • February 17th 2012
    The Falcon plugin has been updated with a workaround for a bug in novint drivers that was causing a crash during initialization.
    The Phantom plugin has been updated and now correctly works with latest version of OpenHaptics under Windows 7.
    Thanks to Fabio Tatti for debugging support!
  • April 17th 2011
    The HaptikChannel now allows to use Haptik within a Quest3D 4 scene.
    Development was kindly sponsored by Polygon Works.
  • March 27th 2011
    Fixed wrong path in application setup.
  • January 27th 2011
    A new version 1.2 is available, with tons of small fixes accumulated over the years of web starvation. Includes support for OpenHaptics 3.0 and Falcon.
  • March 17th 2008
    Support for Novint Falcon has been (finally) added. Just grab the Haptik.Falcon plugin.
    The plugin for the Nintendo Wiimote is under development.
  • January 22th 2008
    The paper on Haptik has been published in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine.
  • October 9th 2007
    A bugfix release for the 1.1 trunk is out.
  • June 26th 2007
    Researchers at the Visual Computing Lab@ISTI/CNR ( are developing a plugin for Xitact devices.
  • January 9th 2007
    After an endless struggle against Eclipse, Codeblocks, Make, Gdb and Vi, Berardino the Brave succeeded into making the Mouse Spectre compile and run on GNU/Linux!!! [screenshot] Hail to the chief!!!
  • December 6th 2006
    Several fixes for the 1.1RC1:
    Fixed VC6 compatibility issues in 1.1 Headers (and setup will add include/lib directories to VC6 as well).
    The updated setup allows to select which version of the headers is to be used as default.
    Delta31 Plugin succesfully tested on DHD-3.1RC1 drivers from Force Dimension.
    Fixed a bug on SetRate in the plugin skeleton.
    Removed a duplicate message for found updates.
  • December 1st 2006
    Following users complaints for the yet-undocumented switch in header files for the 1.1RC we have update the setup and distro with more info (expecially on how to continue using old header files). Full documentation and FAQ updates will make their way for the 1.1FINAL.
  • November 10th 2006
    Sources for the RC1 are available from the download section and the subversion server.
  • November 7th 2006
    Hofstadter's Law proved true once again!!! But better late than never: Haptik 1.1rc1 is finally out for download.
    Lots of new stuff inside, most of which deep in the code (of course the sacred binary compatibility is safe). Among the visible ones:
    - the new skeleton makes trivial to write a plugin from scratch. Examples updated
    - the Delta plugin has been splitted in two: the old one (just renamed to Delta30) and the new Delta31 which supports latest DHD 3.1beta Drivers.
    - an alpha plugin for the Virtuose device from Haption is bundled for beta testing.
    - the Mouse Spectre has been (painfully) rewritten using (i.e. despite of) wxWidgets, bringing it (finally!) to GNU/Linux.
    - all plugins now support per-device configuration settings.
    Updated documentation will follow soon (as soon as we'll complete our first PES6 league). enjoy!
  • October 5th 2006
    Haptik is undergoing a major rewriting!
    All plugins are moving to a common skeleton which makes less cumbersome (even easy) to write a custom plugin for a new class of devices.
    Support for the new version of DHD-API (e.g. stylus-based Omegas) has been included.
    The new Virtuose plugin provides support for Haption's Virtuose devices.
    Per-device configuration settings (probably ;) ).
    The new version should be online on the next week.
  • July 23th 2006
    A prototype binding for Python, built using SWIG (, is available for testing from the download section.
  • May 28th 2006
    "end of the week"? well we meant "end of the month"! :)
    A new version of Haptik is out. VS2005 compatibility, minor fixes, java classes packaged, better error logging...
  • May 3rd 2006
    A new version of Haptik including support for Visual C++ 2005 will be released by the end of the week.
  • March 7th 2006
    A beta version of Haptik for GNU/Linux is available for download.
    Checkout the linux section for notes
  • February 1st 2006
    The Linux port has entered beta testing!
    It should be out for download by the end of the month.
  • January 30th 2006
    Added a browsable reference to the website.
    Still in a prototype stage, when complete it will be included in the distribution.
    In the meantime you can try it in the reference section!
  • December 7th 2005
    Moved to a new (and better) Setup. Haptik now runs also with non-admin privileges.
    Improved compatibility with Matlab.
    Updated setup can be dowloaded from download section!
  • November 19th 2005
    Some minor bug-fixes based on users feedback.
    The most noticeable was a regression bug in the Mouse Spectre affecting the right-click context menu.
    Updated setup can be dowloaded from download section!
  • November 17th 2005
    Haptik 1.0Final Released!
    Check out the download section!
  • November 7th 2005 is the new home for Haptik!
    This website is still under construction so, please, be patient.
  • November 4th 2005
    Release of Haptik 1.0final is planned for November 17th. Stay tuned!
  • November 3th 2005 is the new url for Haptik!
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