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Project Summary

The recent diffusion of 3D echographic reconstructions (3D-US) is due to its good diagnostic accuracy and lower costs if compared to other existing technologies (axial tomography, magnetic resonance).

Medical ultrasound imaging is a tomographic-based technique, providing all the information necessary for the 3D reconstruction. The main problem for 3D-US is related to the poor quality of ultrasound images. To obtain a 3D ultrasound reconstruction, 2D images are first segmented and then processed using optimization algorithms such as ńctive contours" or ▀nakes". This project will mainly deal with fetus models obtained from US images acquired by echographic instruments.

From the 3D graphic model of the fetus, a visio-haptic model, which can be used for the kineasthetic and tactile interaction as well as the vision interaction, will be developed. The forces applied by the operator on the organ model are calculated through geometric considerations based on the 3D model of the organ being simulated as well as the position of the haptic interface. Such forces are fed to both the fetus model and to the haptic interface thus creating a realistic sensation of physical contact.

One of the most crucial problems in VR-based surgical simulation is the modeling of the object at hand (fetus in our specific case). Rough mathematical models, like using spring and mass techniques, are usually perceived as non-realistic representations. More precisely, simulated objects (those modeled using FEM for instance) are often too computationally expensive and cannot be simulated at the high rates required for haptic and visual interaction. The project will analyze and develop visual-haptic models able to provide a fair level of realism while requiring a low computational cost. The main focus will be in automatically extracting such models from 3D echographic images.

Research Projects

Piano di Ateneo per la Ricerca - 2002-2004 - Univerity of Siena
Title: Development of haptic systems for medical applications
Proponent: Domenico Prattichizzo

Fondazione Monte dei Paschi - 2002-2004
Title: Tecniche Ingegneristiche Innovative basate su Interfacce Aptiche per Applicazioni Mediche Avanzate
Proponent: Antonio Vicino


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Reconstruction of Models

Haptic Interaction
Latest News
  • October 17th 2005
    Ported US3DTouch to the Haptik Library. It now works also with devices from force dimension.
  • October 10th 2005
    FeTouch is being used at University of Adelaide by Prof. George Travan
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